Nose to Nose

“Nose to Nose” is a completed Pet Portrait showing the affection between Fiona and Laddie, who reside with their loving human companions in Vallejo.

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Mid-winter leaves

I picked up leaves during a walk in Berkeley, then depicted them in watercolor. (This painting is for sale.)

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Two more buddies

Another custom pet portrait. Terrier Brazil and chihauhau Noel are buddies who reside with their special companion Mary, in Berkeley.

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Dave a good ol’ hound

For this pet portrait, the client specifically requested that I show Dave drooling, as that is characteristic of the breed. The reference photo showed Dave in a cluttered living room, but they also sent a photo of their porch, and said that was his favorite spot. So I showed Dave on the porch. Good boy!

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Bad Ass! in full color

I had sketched Bad Ass Boots live while they performed in Guerneville. Later, I added color and then made 6 fine-art giclee prints, giving one as a gift to each band member shown here. Bad Ass Boots performs driving country-rock. From left to right: Shazam, Joyce, Billie D., Billie B, Lisa and Pat.

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Along the Lane

One of my favorite tropical locations, painted recently in watercolor… along the walking path in Hopetown, The Abacos, in The Bahamas. This town has wide walking paths instead of streets. No cars! (Only the occasional small truck for construction or utility services.) Coming around the corner and seeing the bright blue house and the cascade of blooming bougainvillea is among my happiest vacations! This painting is available for purchase from my current art show through the Oakland Art Assoc.; in the frame it measures 23 x 28″, large & vivid to brighten up a room!   I am drifting away to The Bahamas in my mind….

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Sweet Zoe with the silky hair

Pet Portrait of Zoe… She is a little darling who lives the good life in Rio Vista with Jim & Sue, her devoted human companions. She has her own fenced backyard and a little diva door for her comings & goings.

Contact me if you are interested in a Pet Portrait.

Below is Sue with her portrait! It was a Christmas surprise from Jim.

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Monte & Max

Monte & Max are buddies…. portrayed in a Pet Portrait for a Christmas commission.

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Lost your marbles? This may help….

Finding my Marbles

Finding my marbles – if I’m able…

A few have rolled beneath the table.

With careful hand, I fish them out

Each one retrieved relieves a doubt.


The whereabouts remain elusive

for some – I don’t know what the clue is!

Swirly, pureys, cat’s eyes so deep

The game is which to play — or keep.

  • Beth Bourland 2017
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Meet Sweet Bernie!

This personable little charmer is Bernie the Bulldog. I completed his portrait in watercolor recently, as a custom Pet Portrait.

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