Another completed surprise pet portrait in watercolor. Bella is a lovable large poodle mix.

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Cali is a Plott hound with a beautiful brindle coat. This is a recently completed pet portrait (watercolor) for a client who wanted a surprise birthday gift for someone special. Below, I also depicted Cali on the beach.



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Live music

Some great musicians played at Cinema Grille in Alameda recently. I sketched the bass player & drummer while having a beer & dinner – the food there is great!

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Meet the lovable Meka

Pet portrait of Meka, completed for Roberta. Meka is a sweet loving ragamuffin of subtle swirling colors – russet, tawny and soft golden whites. She loves everyone! She strolls into the middle of a party to meet everyone and solicit pets and cuddles. According to rumor, Meka is buddies with a possum in the backyard.

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Horse whisperer

My first linocut! Love the technique, and I think it conveyed an old-time Western feeling in this piece. This is Bea’s horse, Paycheck. Linocut printed with black ink (thanks, Barb, for the printing) then I painted with watercolor. Contact me if you are interested in a Pet Portrait! Horse or hamster, gerbil or giraffe. Specializing in cats & dogs – usually watercolor, or custom cartoons also possible.

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Overlooking a neighborhood

An ordinary scene… this is near Park St & Encinal in Alameda Calif.

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Planning a painting, with chickens

I envisioned “Chix & Suds” based on a backyard I saw in the town of New Plymouth, The Bahamas, last spring. This value sketch led to the painting below. The colors were interpreted and chickens added according to my imagination and design, yet the painting is pretty true to what I saw, which seemed an ideal scene to paint.

“Chix & Suds” will be part of an upcoming exhibit in December.

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She’s almost human

Haven’t posted in awhile – I had surgery Aug. 9 and sketched the view that day, lying in my hospital bed zonked on Morphine (thank God). Since then I’ve been recuperating with pain & difficulty and not doing any artwork – but now am starting to feel some improvement!

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Dozing dog

Too overworked perhaps. The actual scene was so breezy & free-spirited. Wish I were back there! (Hopetown, The Bahamas)

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Boat builders work on their projects in sheds along the waterfront on the small island of Man O’ War Cay, in the Bahamas. (Based on my trip last year.)

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