Stopping in time is the challenge

Shaded lane in Key West, Fla. This is a studio drawing in ink & watercolor.

Shaded lane, Key West, Fla. (studio drawing in ink & watercolor, about 8″ wide). I’m liking the turquoise wall color which shifts to violet / blue in shadow. The learning point in this one was to save the whites.  For example, leaving the ground white to portray the stark sunlight against the contrast of the shadows. The “gray” roof is white, being in full sunlight. The pattern of the chain link fence is highlighted where light is striking it.  Funny … I just threw in the stop sign as a cute extra to fill out the page, but now I think it means STOP!!! Save those whites in your painting!!



About Beth Bourland

Artist Beth Bourland's sketch journal about observing, appreciating and responding to everyday moments.
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One Response to Stopping in time is the challenge

  1. Peggy Thibodeau says:

    This is wonderful!

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