Bids of kindness – will you accept?


This little leaf was a gift from someone at work. She thought I might like it. How kind! I accepted her gift and painted a picture of the leaf that very day. Its touch of bright green gives it a glowing appearance, contrasting with russet tones & brittle brown edges.

It’s important this year for me to be open to bids of kindness, to react thoughtfully and to offer my own “bids.” What is a bid? An effort to reach out. This little leaf. Or, for example, “Good morning, Marjorie.”  And Marjorie, an acquaintance, says “Hrrmph! What’s good about it? Just another day in hell.”   We’re all crabby from time to time or struggling with problems; that’s life, and friends stick by us. But what if this is Marjorie’s standard, everyday response, reflecting an overall negative attitude regardless of what’s going on? Eventually people may pull back.

What are the bids we notice and respond to? What are the bids we offer, and how are they received? Something I thought I would think about this coming year.


About Beth Bourland

Artist Beth Bourland's sketch journal about observing, appreciating and responding to everyday moments.
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One Response to Bids of kindness – will you accept?

  1. barbarajasmine says:

    Beautiful reflection Beth. I like the “bid” imagery. Thank you

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