Vintage truck


This old truck and others sat in a pasture along rural Highway 12 through the Santa Rosa area, & inspired me as a painting subject. When visiting my friend up there recently, I noticed the yard was empty & asked her about it. She said some people complained about the “junky” vehicles sitting in the field. I’m astonished! I thought these old workhorses aptly conveyed the rural character & farming history of this area. In fact, I’d rather see old trucks & rusted farm equipment than another fake-stone façade winery constructed like a castle. Yeah, a castle that’s been there 2 years, or maybe even 10 years. Great sense of history, folks.


About Beth Bourland

Artist Beth Bourland's sketch journal about observing, appreciating and responding to everyday moments.
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3 Responses to Vintage truck

  1. Sonia Tamez says:

    Wonderful Beth!

  2. debbie says:

    Oh I love this Beth!

  3. says:


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