Da Beach

DaBeach_Mar2016Sketched these guys at the bar while hanging out at “On Da Beach,” a little bar / lunch shack along the seashore on Elbow Cay, The Bahamas. Below is me with a mango daiquiri! Just got back from our trip last week.




About Beth Bourland

Artist Beth Bourland's sketch journal about observing, appreciating and responding to everyday moments.
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3 Responses to Da Beach

  1. Boninie Crosse says:

    Its a totally different life. Wow.

  2. Debbie Misener says:

    Happy Easter Beth Nice pics from Elbow Cay. Did you take in Susan’s workshop this year? I went to Ormond Beach Fl, and did a workshop with Janet Rogers. Cold weather but good trip. Not like the Bahamas man… Enjoy your e-mails Regards Debbie

    Visit me at ‘Red House Art Gallery’ on Facebook http://deborahmisener.com

    Date: Sun, 27 Mar 2016 20:57:12 +0000 To: debbie@deborahmisener.com

  3. Kate MacNeill says:

    Looks fabulously relaxing!!!!!

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