Mystical New Year!

Ruby Horse

“Ruby Horse.”  There was no horse or animal at all in the scene, just some lights on trees. But I see a red horse galloping from left toward the right…. Hmmm?

I took these photos at the “Zoolights” holiday display at the Oakland Zoo.  I am strictly an amateur at photography, with a fully automated camera. But I think that Divine Intervention was at play here!


Angel of Christmas

“Angel of Christmas.”  This was just a typical array of some colorful lights, but I see a radiant figure emerging.


About Beth Bourland

Artist Beth Bourland's sketch journal about observing, appreciating and responding to everyday moments.
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2 Responses to Mystical New Year!

  1. barbarajasmine says:

    Love these Beth! Happy New Year!

  2. Margaret L. says:

    I see the horse!

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