Shopping for rocks

I hope you are enjoying your own expression of creativity, whatever form it takes. I’ve been creating and nurturing this little garden area outside my front door. It’s a condo; no yard, but the spot gets great filtered sunlight in the afternoons. My latest rock (whom I’ve named Petra Stellakovsky), shown in the brown border, has a crystal-like façade & lovely varied color textural surfaces. I purchased, no, — adopted her for about $10 from Clark’s U-Save Rockery, 30132 Industrial Pkwy SW, Hayward. Who knew?? They have fantastic rocks of various textures and colors, big river boulders, flagstone, everything. This project has been artistic, with designing the various heights, colors, textures and density of the plants, and placing the rocks amid a “river” of smaller stones. Below are comments I received (feel free to leave more comments! or tell me about your creative endeavors!)


Pretty, and so peaceful!  Margaret L, Corcoran

Beautiful!  Thanks for sharing 🙂  Mary B M, Flushing, MI

Really beautiful additions, Bethie!!!   Beth E, Oakland

That is so lovely!  Thanks for sending the pics.  Sandy M, Oakland

How nice is that!!!  You have certainly made that area into a “little woodland”.   I’ll bet everyone else is envious.  Hopefully you have started a trend.  Linda L, Tujunga

This is fabulous Beth! You are an artist in all you do!  Barb B, Mill Valley

Lovely garden. Makes me homesick for Cathy lane.  Bonnie C, Santa Rosa (referring to her former garden on Cathy Lane in Oakland)

 I love it. Well done!  Devora G, Oakland (a professional landscaper)

What a beautiful transformation of a small area!  Deb B, Placerville

Your neighbors are very lucky.  Cheryl D, Oakland


About Beth Bourland

Artist Beth Bourland's sketch journal about observing, appreciating and responding to everyday moments.
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