A perfect (and pink) painting pursuit!

I painted this view from a shady spot in a little alleyway in St. George, Bermuda. A neighborhood cat strolled by for a chat, and some people renting a cottage offered me cool water. The colors and light of Bermuda are incredible! This was a vacation dream come true.

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Around the Pond

I hiked recently at Spittal Pond Nature Reserve — in Bermuda!! The page layout was inspired by the page designs of avid sketcher Leslie Fehling. At the entrance to the reserve, I sketched in the central pond, then I stopped periodically to sketch in the surrounding flowers, using only pencil. I had familiarized myself with some of the plants I would encounter – some very familiar (nasturtium, morning glory); others I hadn’t known before (Ox-eye). In my room at the inn that evening, I added ink to the sketch and painted color with watercolor.  It was a loooooooong hike for me — a couple of hours  (it seemed like six!!) with some hills and minor rocky terrain, sun & stunning coastal views, and welcome shaded areas with light glowing through the leaves of trees. A challenging day! I was very excited to have taken my first hike since knee replacement! Wow!

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Artful dogs

This month’s issue of Bay Woof is available at veterinarians and pet retailers. The theme of “The Artful Doggy” profiles some artists who work with dogs. The feature about the pet photographer and her work (shown on the cover) is amazing! There also are articles about an acrylic artist, an entrepreneur who makes outfits for “weiner” dogs, and also a story about my Pet Portraits.  I’m honored to be included in this Artful Doggy issue. There is also advice about training dogs (which involves training their human companions), living with dogs in apartments, and for inclusivity, a column about the importance of Cat Playtime. That’s right, don’t forget about kitties.

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Eddie the SuperCat

Eddie is the subject of a recent pet portrait. Eddie’s dear human companion tells me that he underwent some chemo treatment! Eddie looks lovely, but he might have challenged or used up a couple of his nine lives… I wish Eddie a long, healthy and playful life! Below is Eddie appearing ready to travel…

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Painting with Catherine

Spent a lovely Sunday painting with Catherine up in Santa Rosa. I did this lemon in pencil, and a little watercolor still life (below). We discussed colors and ventured to the art supply store — look out!

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Stella & Molli afield

Stella and Molli in a Texas field of lupine, a completed Custom Pet Portrait, original watercolor completed for a family this past Christmas. I met the dogs – an Aussie heeler mix — they are gorgeous! I hope I did them justice.

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Zac of the flowing locks

Custom Pet Portrait of Zac. A white dog is a challenge but the colorful swirls seem to capture this dog’s gorgeous coat. Zac appears to be a very friendly pet.

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Duo & Ankh snoozing with their favorite bunny toy. This was a very fun pet portrait; they seem like kids!


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Nose to Nose

“Nose to Nose” is a completed Pet Portrait showing the affection between Fiona and Laddie, who reside with their loving human companions in Vallejo.

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Mid-winter leaves

I picked up leaves during a walk in Berkeley, then depicted them in watercolor. (This painting is for sale.)

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