It only hurts when I do this…

Walk, that is… While waiting for my knee appointment at Kaiser Medical in Oakland, I sketched some fellow patients in the waiting room, adding color at home later. Why the blue hair? Just thought it would pep up the joint. I title this sketch “Ouch.”

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Why not?

draw trash cans? They created a beautiful interlocking pattern of light and shade. This was a 10-minute sketch on a work break. (Although there was an art movement known as the Ash Can Painters, this was not exactly what they did...)

Why not draw trash cans? They created a beautiful interlocking pattern of light and shade. I painted this while standing on the sidewalk with my portable sketch kit, during a 15-min. break at work. (Although there was an art movement known as the Ash Can Painters, this was not what they did)… And below, my plein air sketch of an interesting blue dumpster in Sebastopol.

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The enchantment of Casa Luna

A challenge! Sketched this complicated scene while dining… color was added later. This restaurant in Tlaquepaque has 6 sculptural trees constructed of joined driftwood pieces. Each tree is decorated in a specific theme, such as red heart crystals, globe lights, etc. (woven lanterns, for the one in my sketch). I’ve included a photo showing my vantage point, and a couple more pix to show just how wondrous this place is!

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More from Mexico

I painted this flower, seen on the plaza of Tlaquepaque. Below is the town of Ajijic, colorful with small shops, local artists and cobblestone streets.

Pool at the Villa del Ensueño Boutique Hotel

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Back from Mexico

Tlaquepaque is a lovely small area outside of Guadalajara, known for arts and crafts. I drew some of the patterns from the tiles at our hotel. (A nod to sketcher Leslie Fehling for the lettering idea.)

Airport – killing time at SFO.  In Mexico, we took a wonderful day trip to Chapala (a lakeside town) and the small town of Ajijic. I sketched Guillermo as he drove us back to the hotel.

Villa del Ensueño Boutique Hotel was charming… I sketched this view from the dining patio, starting one morning over breakfast and finishing during the following day’s breakfast to get the consistent shadow patterns. The hotel has gourmet breakfasts, welcoming pool, intriguing architecture and tilework, and lovely gardens throughout the grounds.

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Solo Show is Up!

“Marmalade On Patrol” is part of my solo show, “Island Spirit, Island Time” currently on exhibit at First Federal Savings & Loan, 6058 College Ave, Oakland, CA 94618 (at corner of Claremont). Open weekdays, now thru June 30. Hours are Mon thru Thurs 9:30 am to 4 pm; and Fri 9:30 am to 6 pm. The bank has a small parking lot in back. I hope you can stop by! The bank is looking festive with my works in bright, tropical colors.

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Spring trilliums

Trilliums blooming in Michigan, inspired by the photography of Brian Masck. My dearest friend Beth Masck (Brian’s sister) sent Brian’s wonderful pix of trilliums to me from our homestate, noting “They seem to like the cold, wet weather.”

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The Hat

MyHatMy 5-min. sketch of instructor Susan Cornelis, who posed for the class at the end of our weekend Quick Sketching workshop in Sebastopol, April 29-30.  Only 1 or 2 min. for very rough, multiple pencil lines to capture gesture & big shapes — looking for negative space such as the triangle created by her arm. You can see the stray pencil lines remaining — no time, and no need to erase. Another minute to go over the lines I want to emphasize, using waterproof ink (Staedtler pen). Then just a minute to add a dash of color and shading.   This sketch was done in Holbein Multi-Drawing book size 6 x 9″.  These are handy spiral-bound books ideal for ink-and-watercolor sketching, such as on travels. See Susan’s site at Susan

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Remembering Bonnie… sketches of her patio


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Inspiration from Susan

Recently enjoyed a sketching workshop in Sebastopol, Calf., taught by Susan Cornelis. I highly recommend her, especially if you are new to sketching. This workshop focused on having a sketch kit that you can easily carry, and being ready to sketch anytime, anywhere. She provided tips for sketching in public — being observant, but non-intrusive. She pointed out most people are preoccupied with their own digital devices or conversations, and if they do happen to notice you sketching, they will probably be curious and friendly. You only need a few things for a set-up that is portable and easily accessible. Her philosophy is to get out there and sketch!  — whether you’re on vacation, at a café, or just waiting for an appointment. Here is the work I completed that day:



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