Planning a painting, with chickens

I envisioned “Chix & Suds” based on a backyard I saw in the town of New Plymouth, The Bahamas, last spring. This value sketch led to the painting below. The colors were interpreted and chickens added according to my imagination and design, yet the painting is pretty true to what I saw, which seemed an ideal scene to paint.

“Chix & Suds” will be part of an upcoming exhibit in December.

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She’s almost human

Haven’t posted in awhile – I had surgery Aug. 9 and sketched the view that day, lying in my hospital bed zonked on Morphine (thank God). Since then I’ve been recuperating with pain & difficulty and not doing any artwork – but now am starting to feel some improvement!

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Dozing dog

Too overworked perhaps. The actual scene was so breezy & free-spirited. Wish I were back there! (Hopetown, The Bahamas)

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Boat builders work on their projects in sheds along the waterfront on the small island of Man O’ War Cay, in the Bahamas. (Based on my trip last year.)

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A whole weekend of sketching

More work I did at Susan Cornelis’ workshop in Sebastopol, April 29-30. We practiced contour drawing at the Sebastopol Center for the Arts, then ventured out to the Farmers Market, and also sketched both days while having lunch at local restaurants & cafes. The waitstaff was very interested in our sketches (we actually worked with our portable small palette & sketchbooks, while eating) and asked us to post the images to their sites & blogs. Everything these days is multimedia!

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It only hurts when I do this…

Walk, that is… While waiting for my knee appointment at Kaiser Medical in Oakland, I sketched some fellow patients in the waiting room, adding color at home later. Why the blue hair? Just thought it would pep up the joint. I title this sketch “Ouch.”

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Why not?

draw trash cans? They created a beautiful interlocking pattern of light and shade. This was a 10-minute sketch on a work break. (Although there was an art movement known as the Ash Can Painters, this was not exactly what they did...)

Why not draw trash cans? They created a beautiful interlocking pattern of light and shade. I painted this while standing on the sidewalk with my portable sketch kit, during a 15-min. break at work. (Although there was an art movement known as the Ash Can Painters, this was not what they did)… And below, my plein air sketch of an interesting blue dumpster in Sebastopol.

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The enchantment of Casa Luna

A challenge! Sketched this complicated scene while dining… color was added later. This restaurant in Tlaquepaque has 6 sculptural trees constructed of joined driftwood pieces. Each tree is decorated in a specific theme, such as red heart crystals, globe lights, etc. (woven lanterns, for the one in my sketch). I’ve included a photo showing my vantage point, and a couple more pix to show just how wondrous this place is!

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More from Mexico

I painted this flower, seen on the plaza of Tlaquepaque. Below is the town of Ajijic, colorful with small shops, local artists and cobblestone streets.

Pool at the Villa del Ensueño Boutique Hotel

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Back from Mexico

Tlaquepaque is a lovely small area outside of Guadalajara, known for arts and crafts. I drew some of the patterns from the tiles at our hotel. (A nod to sketcher Leslie Fehling for the lettering idea.)

Airport – killing time at SFO.  In Mexico, we took a wonderful day trip to Chapala (a lakeside town) and the small town of Ajijic. I sketched Guillermo as he drove us back to the hotel.

Villa del Ensueño Boutique Hotel was charming… I sketched this view from the dining patio, starting one morning over breakfast and finishing during the following day’s breakfast to get the consistent shadow patterns. The hotel has gourmet breakfasts, welcoming pool, intriguing architecture and tilework, and lovely gardens throughout the grounds.

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